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I recently attempted to order a camera from digitalliquidators.com. A few days after placing the order, I received a call from a Mr. Diamond, who said he wanted to verify my order.

After calling back several times and being on hold for fifteen minutes each time, I got ahold of Mr. Diamond, who questioned whether I knew anything about the camera, because I didn't have the battery, charger, or memory card necessary. He offered me a 200 dollar memory card, and when I kept insisting that I'd researched and that the 30 dollar memory card I'd chosen was supposed to work, he grudgingly admitted that it was compatable, it just might have a 7 second lag time between saves.

Next he tried to sell me a charger and battery for 300 dollars, insisting the ones that came in the factory bundle wouldn't work. When I said I wanted to hang up and think about it, he got belligerent, and said "No, we're through here, it's already been ordered", when I'd never agreed to it. The total was some five hundred dollars over what I'd agreed to pay online.

When I heard the total, I said I wanted to cancel the order, but was informed that in order to cancel the order, since it had already been processed and sent, it would cost nearly three hundred dollars.

At this point I called my bank and closed my old account. The bank informed me that the transaction hadn't even occurred yet, which meant there was no way that the order had been processed and shipped, I was just being bullied into spending almost twice what I'd intended to.

The only positive thing in this experience is that I managed to keep that company from stealing my money. After reading other reviews, I'm extremely relieved my order didn't go through. Stay far, far away from this company.

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When they warn you about doing business on-line ...This is the company they refer to. How can they stay in business?


I was told that it didn't come with a battery even though the add said it did. He told me that that was the import modle and the display and everything was in Chinese.


I came SO close to having the same thing happen to me. I called to verify that all the accessories were included and they even have on their website "Shop With Confidence! We assure you that this item is brand new, factory sealed with a one year warranty and includes all manufacturer bundled accessories."

But something about the whole thing just didn't seem right so I called to verify before buying. I was asked about ordering a $200 battery and charger since the one that comes with the package is only a 20 minute battery. I knew then that it could not be the manufacturers packaged accessories and he said that it was a "wholesale" package with cheaper lenses and battery, etc. And if I wanted the "retail" package, he could give it to me for $499. Well, that I can do directly to Best Buy and get since that is the full retail price for it!

So glad I followed my intuition on this.



Same complaint as above.They prey on people who dont know what they are doing.

Scam Scam Scam.

Stay away from this place.Go to a store instead.

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